• IPv6 Hackers

The IPv6 Hackers list was created in August 2011 to provide a forum for IPv6 security researchers and IPv6 networking professionals to discuss low-level
IPv6 networking and security issues that could eventually lead to advances and improvements in the area of IPv6 security and IPv6 networking

The community interacts on a mailing-list, but occasionally also has face-to-face meetings (usually next to other events and/or conferences).


IPv6 Hackers #2

  • IPv6 Hackers #2 (Prague 2015) — Fernando Gont
  • Fixing IPv6 Implementations at AFRINIC — Loganaden Velvindron
  • Persistent HTTP State in a Dual-Stack Environment — Eric Vyncke
  • Evasion of High-End IDPS Devices with Extension Headers & Fragmentation — Enno Rey
  • [Coffee Break, 20′]
  • Security Assessment and Troubleshooting with SI6 IPv6 Toolkit 2.0 — Fernando Gont
  • Weird Packets in a Weird World — Fernando Gont
  • OPNFV – Continuous Testing of IPv6 — Iben Rodriguez
  • MLD Considered Harmful — Breaking Another IPv6 Subprotocol — Enno Rey

IPv6 Hackers #1

  • Welcome to ipv6hackers #1 [slides] [video]– Fernando Gont
  • Some Notes on Testing the Real-World IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial Security Products [slides] [video] — Christopher Werny & Enno Rey
  • Testing your IPv6 Firewall with FT6 [slides] [video]– Oliver Eggert
  • IPv6 Deployment Monitoring: Internet metrics [slides] [video] — Eric Vyncke
  • IPv6 Security Assessment and Benchmarking [slides] [video] — Eldad Zack
  • Measurement of IPv6 filtering policies on the Internet — Guillaume Mulocher
  • News about THC-IPv6 [slides] [video] — Marc Heuse
  • News about IPv6-toolkit  [slides] [video] — Fernando Gont
  • IPv6 addresses on the Domain Name System (DNS) [slides] [video] — Fernando Gont
  • DNS Reconnaissance using DNSSEC [slides] [video] — Christoph Mueller