The first IPv6 Hackers meeting took place in July 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was organized by Fernando Gont, hosted by EANTC and SI6 Networks. Videos of the meeting are available thanks to Dan York (Internet Society’s Deploy360 Programme).

Meeting agenda and materials

  • Welcome to ipv6hackers #1 [slides] [video]– Fernando Gont
  • Some Notes on Testing the Real-World IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial Security Products [slides] [video] — Christopher Werny & Enno Rey
  • Testing your IPv6 Firewall with FT6 [slides] [video]– Oliver Eggert
  • IPv6 Deployment Monitoring: Internet metrics [slides] [video] — Eric Vyncke
  • IPv6 Security Assessment and Benchmarking [slides] [video] — Eldad Zack
  • Measurement of IPv6 filtering policies on the Internet — Guillaume Mulocher
  • News about THC-IPv6 [slides] [video] — Marc Heuse
  • News about IPv6-toolkit  [slides] [video] — Fernando Gont
  • IPv6 addresses on the Domain Name System (DNS) [slides] [video] — Fernando Gont
  • DNS Reconnaissance using DNSSEC [slides] [video] — Christoph Mueller