For a five years now, we have had a mailing-list devoted to IPv6 hacking (i.e., testing, tools, low-level stuff, etc.), home of the “ipv6hackers”
group. The mailing-list (“charter”, subscription options, etc.) is available at: <https://lists.si6networks.com/listinfo/ipv6hackers/>. We’re planning to have our second in-person meeting, which will feature a number of presentations (which MUST be accompanied with code and/or
measurements/testing). Rather than mostly one-way presentation, the meeting is expected to be more of a thought-provoking gathering, getting the right people together,

Coffee and refreshments will be kindly provided by our host, CZ.NIC.


July 21 (Tuesday), 2014. From 16:00 to 18:00.

Milesovska 5, Prague, Czech Republic. CZ.NIC Academy. CZ.NIC.

If you’re arriving from the IETF 93 venue (Hilton Prague), it’s about 20 minutes with the public transport (metro). Please use this map.

Take line C in FLorenc station (near the Hilton Hotel), and get off at Muzeum station. Switch there to line A, and get off at Jiriho z Podebrad. The ipv6hackers venue (CZ.NIC) is a short walk from there.

Meeting agenda

  • IPv6 Hackers #2 (Prague 2015) — Fernando Gont
  • Fixing IPv6 Implementations at AFRINIC — Loganaden Velvindron
  • Persistent HTTP State in a Dual-Stack Environment — Eric Vyncke
  • Evasion of High-End IDPS Devices with Extension Headers & Fragmentation — Enno Rey
  • [Coffee Break, 20′]
  • Security Assessment and Troubleshooting with SI6 IPv6 Toolkit 2.0 — Fernando Gont
  • Weird Packets in a Weird World — Fernando Gont
  • OPNFV – Continuous Testing of IPv6 — Iben Rodriguez
  • MLD Considered Harmful — Breaking Another IPv6 Subprotocol — Enno Rey

Attending the meeting

The meeting is open for participation, at no cost. You just need to be at the venue at the specified time (i.e., registration is not required, and you donot need to be a speaker to attend the meeting). Space is limited to 30-40 people, on a first-come, first-served basis.


The meeting is kindly hosted by CZ.NIC. Coffee breaks are also kindly sponsored by CZ.NIC.